The 10 highest skyscrapers in Germany are located in Frankfurt am Main. The skyline of Frankfurt is accordingly very impressive. In addition, the Main metropolis also has other architectural delights to offer. 15 out of 17 pictures were taken in Frankfurt.

Images in this gallery: [1] Downtown with the highest skyscraper in Germany (Commerzbank Tower) – [2] Alte Oper, the original opera house (Old Opera – [3] Tower 185 near the frankfurt fair – [4] The Eurotower in the city centre – [5] The Silver Tower was the highest skyscraper in Germany from 1978 to 1990 with 166 meters and still inspires with its silver facade. – [6] Die Welle, an office complex in the Westend South district (behind the Alte Oper) – [7] Tower 185 and Pollux – [8] Skyline with Main fun fair from the southern bank of the river Main – [9] Silver Tower from below – [10] The Silver Tower again, this time from the northwest side – [11] Die Welle in the rain – [12] The skyline with the „Eiserner Steg“ taken from the southern bank of the river Main – [13] The Opera Tower is a 170 m skyscraper in the Westend-Süd district – [14] Skyper (left) and Silver Tower (right) – [15] Westhafen Tower near the Main river –  [16] Hessian City Archive Darmstadt – [17] Cathedral of Esztergom (Hungary)