Art here on this website? Not really, but maybe someone will discover me. In the gallery you can see detail shots of buildings in Frankfurt.

Images in this gallery: [1] glass dome of the Schirn Art Gallery* – [2] In side the Zeil Gallery – [3] red (entrance to the parking garage Dom/Römer) – {4] facade with windows of the Archiological Museum – [5] only one front door – [6] windows of a residential house – [7] a corner of the Archeology Museum – [8] entrance area of the Schirn Art Gallery – [9] high key photo of the Kastor skyscraper – [10] entrance to the Dom/Römer subway station

*Thanks to the staff, they turned on the lights in the dome for me. If you are in Frankfurt, visit the Schirn, it’s an amazing art museum and in the middle of the sights of the old town.